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We Install spray foam, blown-in cellulose, air sealing, bathroom fans, windows, crawlspace encapsulation and more If you are interested in the following a Home Energy Audit may be the way to go! If you are planning an insulation project you can save hundreds of dollars by have a FOCUS ON ENERGY CERTIFIED AUDIT!

**Energy audit*   

-Blower door testing

-Infrared camera scan

-Combustion safety testing

-Insulation levels

-Consultant recommendation report

-Infrared report with pictures

-Energy Rating report

-Improvement analysis with payback periods

*In home consulting to explain reports and show you problems areas*

-Walk you through your reports to ensure you fully understand everything

-Explain reward program and 30% federal tax credit

-Answer any questions *before* you start making improvements  


*After Improvements*

-Post test to ensure work is done correctly

-Blower door test   

-Infrared camera scan

-Combustion safety test

-Ensure project is done correctly


*We will walk you through getting your rewards and do all final paperwork*

-File for your reports with focus on energy

-Ensure all rewards are paid out 

Our goal at Eclipse Energy is to help people through our entire energy evaluation process. To guarantee everyone gets the highest quality and the BIGGEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!

Call us toll-free 1•920•954•5412 – Or – Email us by clicking here!

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