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Craigslist Video Ads - Frequently Asked Questions
At Craigslist Video Ads we take standard craigslist ads and make the ad more eye appealing and Google friendly!

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If within 24 hours you are unhappy with any of our services for Craigslist Video Ads, Craigslist Ad Designs, or our Craigslist Posting Lesson Guide, we will offer a 50% refund.  After 24 hours all sales are final. 

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28 June 2011
Craigslist Video Ads is willing to pay you $10.00 per  customer you refer to us!  To refer a customer  please click here!

14 June 2011
Craigslist Ad Designs are becoming a main stream advertising model!  Craigslist Video Ads wants to be the number one Craigslist Ad design company online!  We are willing to pay you $15 per referral after you have purchased an ad design and referred 10 customers to our site. Click here for more details!