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At Craigslist Video Ads we take standard craigslist ads and make the ad more eye appealing and Google friendly!

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Craigslist Video Ads Affiliate Programs:

Craigslist Video Ads currently offers two affiliate programs.  The first program, all you need to do is register below.  You do NOT need to purchase anything.  Simple enter your information in the form below and you will receive a Craigslist Referral ID Number (CRID).  For every person you refer to Craigslist Video Ads that purchases one of our Craigslist Ad Designs and enters your Craigslist Referral ID Number you will receive a $10 check in the mail.

For Craigslist Video Ads second referral program, use the same form below, however for this program you must purchase a Craigslist Video Ad.  You will then receive a Craigslist Referral Number and for the first 10 referrals you will still receive $10.  Any referrals after 10, you will receive $15 per referral.

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