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At Craigslist Video Ads we take standard craigslist ads and make the ad more eye appealing and Google friendly!

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How to purchase a Craigslist Ad Design:

Step 1:  Choose which Craigslist Ad you want, either a Custom Video Craigslist Ad, Static Craigslist Ad, Template Craigslist Ad, or Craigslist Ad re-design.

Step 2:  After you choose your Craigslist service, please send your payment by clicking on Paypal.

Step 3:  Email us any exact instructions you have, or specific pictures, logos, or text you want on your  Craigslist ad.  All pictures and text can be sent to:   We can also take any images and text directly from your website.

Step 4:  One of our staff members will contact you via email or phone to make sure we build your Craigslist ad exactly the way you want it and confirm everything before we start building your ad design.

Step 5:  The Craigslist Ad will be completed within 24-36 hours.  Once the Craigslist Ad is complete we will post it to Craigslist for your review and we will make any edits you need!

Step 6:  Your Craigslist Ad is complete once you are 100% satisfied.  We will send you the HTML Code along with instructions on how to post your  ad design.  If you have any questions or problems, we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you! 





Craigslist Custom Video Ad / Craigslist Ad Design - $59

Craigslist Static Ad - $15
Edit/Re-Design Craigslist Ad - $15

Custom Craigslist Video Ads, Craigslist Static Ads, Craigslist Template Ads:
With an assortment of options to choose from, hire Craigslist Video Ads to make your Craigslist Ad stand out from your competition, so your customers remember you and buy from you!  There are many different techniques used to make a Craigslist Ad Design.  All ad designs start as a standard text ad which are then put into our special programs and after many hours of work and creativity your Craigslist Video Ad is born!

Our Craigslist Process:

Our Craigslist ad process starts once we receive your ideas for your Craigslist ad.  Once your payment is received, one of our staff members will contact you to find out if exact ideas you want for your ad design or if you want us to come up with something for you.  We will talk about the importance of how all our Craigslist ads are HTML Craigslist ads.  This allows our ads to do very well on Google being SEO friendly.  We can take images and text from your website, or you can simply email any information you want on your ad to us at:  Once we have talked with you we will begin designing your Craigslist Ad.  Your Craigslist Ad will be complete within 24-36 hours, sometimes sooner!  Once the Craigslist Ad is complete we will post it live on Craigslist for you to review and let us know any changes you may want.

Once your approve your Craigslist Ad we will then send you instructions how to post your new ad design on Craigslist and if you need any assistance we are available 24 hours 7 days a week!  Simply send an email and we would be happy to help you with posting on Craigslist!

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21 February 2014
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