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At Craigslist Video Ads we take standard craigslist ads and make the ad more eye appealing and Google friendly!

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About Craigslist Video Ads: started out as a hobby in December of 2009.  Our business was then called My Pizza Fund, and was developed on the idea to create Craigslist Ads, that did not have any video or animation.  Our business model was to accept donations for our pizza fund and in return we would design a basic Craigslist Ad Design. 

After months of trial and error,  and many customers, we came up with a new model and a new way to present our craigslist ads using video and animation.  In December 2010 was born.  At first we would browse looking for text Craigslist advertisements, cold call the customer, present our Craigslist Video Ads, and hope they like our ad designs and purchase a Craigslist Ad.  After a month of this, we became swamped, building Craigslist Ads, designing websites, creating video email signatures and had to start working longer days!

We now design Craigslist Ads for clients all over the world, 24 hours day!  We hope your like our Craigslist Ads, and hope you see the value in how the Craigslist Ads will help your business!  We believe Craigslist is one of the best marketing tools available today!  Please let us know if we can be of any help or if you have any questions!

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 28 June 2011
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14 June 2011
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