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Craigslist Video Ads - Frequently Asked Questions
At Craigslist Video Ads we take standard craigslist ads and make the ad more eye appealing and Google friendly!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Craigslist Ads:


Question 1:  How much do your Craigslist Ads cost?

Answer Question 1:  Our Custom Craigslist Video Ads cost $79, our static Craigslist Ads cost $69, and our template Craigslist Ads cost $59.  After your Craigslist Ad Design is complete and you have been using the Craigslist Ad if you need any edits it costs $15.


Question 2:  Are all your Craigslist Ads HTML Ads?

Answer Question 2:  Yes all our Craigslist Ads are full HTML Ads.  We embed keywords for your company into the Ad design for better SEO results.  If you would prefer a image ad design we can also do that!


Question 3:  I am confused how to post my Craigslist Ad, will you help me?

Answer Question 3:  Yes!  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can and take care of any problems you are having free of charge!


Question 4:  Do your Craigslist Ads work on Backpage, or eBay?

Answer Question 4:  Yes!  Our Craigslist Ads work just as well on Backpage and eBay!  Please check out eBay Video Ads for more information!


Question 5:  I am confused about your Craigslist Affiliate program when you say refer 10 people?

Answer Question 5:  Craigslistvideoads.com offers two affiliate programs.  For the first program you do not need to purchase an ad design first.  All you simply do is sign up, you will receive a Craigslist ID Number.  Each person that purchases from our website and enters in your Craigslist ID Number, you will receive a $10 check in the mail.  Our second Craigslist affiliate program you need to purchase a Craigslist Ad, and with your purchase you will receive a Craigslist ID Number and will get $10 a person for the first 10 people you refer to Craigslist videoads.com.  After you refer 10 people, you will start receiving $15 per person you refer who purchases a Craigslist Ad.

Question 6:  I loved my Craigslist Ad, can you design a website for me?

Answer Question 6:  Yes!  Please check out our other services tab, or contact us requesting more information on a website.  We also offer email advertising, and video email signatures.


Question 7:  Why are you open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Do you ever sleep?

Answer Question 7:  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you!  On average we are sitting in front of the computer for 10-12 hours a day creating ads, and web designs, however, our email and phone lines are always on and we will get back to you the same day you contact us! 


Question 8:  I don't need a flashy Craigslist Ad Design, but I need help selling something.  Can you help me and what would you charge?

Answer Question 8:  Yes we would be happy to help you!  We can make a standard Craigslist Ad, or a eBay Auction and sell your items for you.  We would charge a commission per item we sell.  Please contact us for more information on pricing.


Question 9:  What is your top selling Craigslist Ad?

Answer Question 9:  Our Custom Craigslist Video Ad sells more than any other product because it's custom to fit your business, it has animation and video, and performs very well on Google!


Question 10:  Are you Craigslist or affiliated with Craigslist?

Answer Question 10:  No!  We are a private company.

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28 June 2011
Craigslist Video Ads is willing to pay you $10.00 per  customer you refer to us!  To refer a customer  please click here!

14 June 2011
Craigslist Ad Designs are becoming a main stream advertising model!  Craigslist Video Ads wants to be the number one Craigslist Ad design company online!  We are willing to pay you $15 per referral after you have purchased an ad design and referred 10 customers to our site. Click here for more details!

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